Complete the Registration & Verification Processes on StuCred App

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Create your StuCred profile by filling in basic personal details, college information and completing your KYC.

Link Your VPA to Avail and Repay Instant Loans on StuCred App

Link Your VPA/UPI

To avail and to repay, We use the most feasible VPA method. Just enter your existing VPA (Virtual Payment Address) that is linked to your bank. You are now ready to do transactions!

Borrow Interest-Free Student Loan from StuCred App

Avail interest free credit directly to your bank account

Once you have completed the above steps, avail your credit under a minute’s time!

Build Your Credit Score While Increasing Your Loan Credit Limit on StuCred App

Build your credit score while increasing your credit limit

Repay on time to increase your credit limit up to Rs. 15,000 with StuCred. Successful transactions with StuCred helps you increase your credit score for a better future as well.

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